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We have been victims of a break-in by organised criminals at The Rotherield.

They have stolen all our ground maintenance equipment from what we thought was our secure storage at the ground. The list of equipment stolen ranges from strimmers, hedge and brush cutters, trailer, cylinder mowers, ride-on mower and much more. This leaves us with no way to continue to maintain our senior and junior pitches. As you all know, insurance companies are great until you need to make a claim. We are currently fighting to get at least something from them, but will nowhere near cover what we have lost.


So we are calling on the football community, fans and locals to help us try to recover from this awful situation. We need obviously to not only urgently replace the equipment but also to upgrade our security at the ground to ensure we never suffer such an event again.


We have set up a Go Fund Me page to help us raise emergency funds. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated to help us get back on our feet.

Please hit the link to help

Thank you

Mark Broughton


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